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1st prize£2,500
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A chance to win. A chance to save a life.

Every day this summer, Great Western Air Ambulance Charity will be called to the most severe 999 calls across our community. From accidents on the road, to medical emergencies at home, more than five people every day will need our lifesaving help.

We can only be there with support from people like you.

Now is your chance to be a local lifesaver. And with every £1 ticket you buy, you’ll be in with the chance of winning up to £2,500!

Enter by 24 July 2024 for the chance to win a £250 Highstreet Voucher in our early bird bonus draw!

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Saving lives with emergency blood transfusions

We perform procedures you’d normally only see inside an emergency department, for patients whose survival relies on receiving that treatment right there at the scene. One of those procedures is an emergency blood transfusion.

For someone with blood loss or internal bleeding, a transfusion can be their only lifeline. It helps stabilise core body functions, and buys precious time so we can safely transfer them to hospital.

Each year, we’re called to around 50 people who need this lifesaving procedure.

Two of those people were Simon, who was involved in a car accident, and Ollie, who had a collision on his bike. GWAAC Specialist Paramedic Pete Reeve was part of the crew on both of those days.

“Simon is one of the most broken people I’ve ever seen that has survived. And Ollie needed every drop of blood we had with us. Patients like these are memorable - I know the emergency blood transfusions we gave them truly saved their lives. These are the outcomes you make possible. Each time we insert a catheter – someone like you paid for it. Each time we switch on our blood warming device – someone like you made it happen. We’d be nothing without your support. Please enter the raffle today so we can help more patients like Simon and Ollie.”

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“I broke most of my ribs, my sternum. My lungs were punctured. I had a hole in my aorta. My heart was severely damaged. I punctured all of my lower organs. I shattered my pelvis. I was losing blood from everywhere. GWAAC performed procedures on the side of the road, in the rain.” – Simon, patient, road traffic collision

“Without the air ambulance, there would have been no blood transfusion. Without the blood transfusion, there would be no Ollie.” – Rach, mum of Ollie, bike accident

Be a local lifesaver with the GWAAC lottery

Be in with a chance of winning every week with our lifesaving lottery! Enter for £1 per play and you could win up to £1,000 in the weekly draw. Your support will save local lives and keep GWAAC flying.


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